Updates about ALPHA from Mrs. Casey

Come and Meet Dr. Woods

NISD Superintendent, Dr. Woods, will speak on Thursday evening at the GTEAC monthly meeting. It will take place at Driggers ES 6901 Shadow Mist from 5:30-7:00. The GTEAC is a local organization which provides opportunities for parents of gifted children to become involved and to learn how to be an advocate for your child. Please join me as we learn about the GT program in NISD according to Dr. Woods.

Needed by ALL students in ALL ALPHA Classes

I am preparing for two hands-on projects for all classes. I would like for your child to bring in 3 empty, clear plastic (not green) 2 liter bottles. Also, have them collect at least 10 medium to large brown leaves from around your neighborhood and place in a large, Ziplock bag. Make sure the baggie and 2 liter bottles (on the bottom) have your child's name written in Sharpie marker. I would like to have all materials in to class by their class time the week of March 16. Thank you.

News for 3rd-5th Grade ALPHA Students

3rd through 5th graders have been finishing up their grassland biome project. We will be working diligently to achieve this goal.

Please watch for field trip information for 3rd-5th ALPHA students. We will be going to Phil Hardberger park on Monday, May 4th. Details will be coming home the end of the month.

1st-2nd Grade ALPHA Students

This week, students are beginning their endangered animals projects. Last time when we met, we discovered information about the American Alligator by using QR codes on Ipods. Now they will learn what their animal topic is and begin their learning about an endangered species. Please ask them what their animal is after they attend ALPHA this week.

Summer Learning Opportunities

The Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented have compiled resources for summer learning opportunities. Here is the link to find out more information:


All classes have been introduced to the Hour of Code Check out what your child has been doing to learn a new language--how to make computers talk. Your child is the first generation that will grow up with the types of devices that we all own and there is a great need for people to create the language to make the devices "talk." Here are the links to your child's coding page:

Franklin 1st/2nd grade page:

Franklin 3rd grade page

Franklin 4th/5th grade page

Scarborough 1st/2nd grade page

Scarborough 3rd grade page:

Scarborough 4th grade page

Scarborough 5th grade page

ALPHA Look Fors...

Note: ALPHA schedules will change during the weeks of STAAR testing. Watch your child's ALPHA newsletter for upcoming changes. Please have your child remember their ALPHA binder on their scheduled class day and sign their weekly newsletter. Here is our schedule as a reminder:

Kay Franklin ES
Monday: 1st/2nd/3rd grades
Tuesday: 4th/5th grades

Scarborough ES
Wednesday: 1st/2nd/5th grades
Thursday: 3rd/4th grades