Think Recycle Inc.

Owners: Sabrina Fear and Kendaya Mapes

Think green, Think recycle!

For over 25 years Think Recycle has provided services to the Fort Wayne area for recycling paper and plastics. As our world becomes more populated we create more solid waste in our landfills. Recycling will help the future of our world. With our provided services we can successfully take paper and plastics to reuse again.

Starting the Business

Our future of the world first concerned us when we saw the story of the Mobro. When no one wanted to take in the waste from New York City, we felt we needed to make a change. 31,000 tons of waste sailed along the East coast with no where to go. We thought to ourselves we thought that we could take in the biodegradable products and recycle them in some way. This is was the start of Think Recycle.

Come visit us!

Each bag of recycled materials we recieve, will be rewarded with a choice of a gift made from all recycled materials!