Gender Equality Around The World

Geography and gender equality

Gender Equality

  • men and women deserve equal human rights
  • goes back to 1957 when the principle of equal pay for equal work became part of the Treaty of Rome.

Gender Empowerment Measure

  • the measurement of gender equality
  • based on:
  1. estimates of women's income
  2. participation in higher economic sector
  3. women's accessibility to professional and parliamentary positions

  • if the rank is high, it means the gap between genders are small
  • gaps between genders still remain even in the most high ranked countries

Geographic differences of gender equality

Gender equality

Geography and gender relations

  • if gender equality affects geography, counter effect will be present (gender affects geography, geography affects gender)


  • the design and use of urban and rural environments affected by the roles of women
  • Development of Third World (with low GEM rank)
  • regional economic restructuring
  • changing political geographies
  • migration