Americanization in Asian Culture

By: Kayla Hamilton, Taylor Brennan, and Austin Marlatt

What is Americanization in Asian Culture?

For one to Americanize, they would have to become more accustomed to our culture. They must fulfill the patriotic characteristics of an American, and be for that country.

How does this apply to Asian Literature?

How does Asian Literature honor and challenge traditional cultures?

How does Asian Lit. honor Traditional cultures?

Asian literature can portray honor by using information based on a real story in Asian culture. It can honor Asian culture by expressing everything good about Asia, such as the tight family bonds that Asians tend to have, and making that culture look good. Most Asian literature involves older more traditional stories, not including the culture represented today.

How does Asian Lit. challenge Traditional cultures?

In the Asian Culture, if you were more americanized clothed (more skin revealing) then they could be shamed from their family and if they get pregnant, then they may not be allowed into the family anymore and shamed for life.

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