Red Team Weekly Update

Week of 3/30-4/3

Classroom Happenings

ELA- Mr. Jones

The first week has been tough, but we made it through this new level of normal. Next week, students will be responsible for writing each day in their blogs. Some students will be writing on a Google Doc, either because I have not received parent permission forms from about 20 parents or because students have not created their blog page. If you did not complete the Blogging Parent Permission form, please do so here.

Students are also asked to read for at least 15 minutes each day and will report out on their reading at the end of each week. If your student is having trouble getting reading material, please email me and I can help. Thank you for your patience and cooperation this past week!

Science- Mrs. Creath

I was so glad to “see” the kids this past week!

We have finished up our unit on Body Systems and will start our next unit on Growth, Development, and Reproduction. Our focus in this unit is the reproduction of plants, how animal behaviors aid in their survival, and the role of genetics in survival.

Next week, we will focus on the parts of a flower and pollination/fertilization.

Assignments are being posted daily on Google Classroom. The assignments the students are given are very similar to ones we have done in class, so they shouldn’t have much of a problem. They can reach me anytime through email or during office hours/class meetings.

Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

Social Studies- Mrs. Pettid

It has been so good to get a chance to see some of you this week! Several students participated in the Zoom check-ins and even more sent me emails and I was happy to hear from everybody. We started working with The Middle Ages this week with some vocabulary and some activities involving Google Draw. I’ve tried to supplement the actual activities with some short videos and screencasted notes - it won’t make up for not seeing everybody in person, but I hope it helps. Fridays and Mondays are going to be designated work days. We don’t want everybody to be too overwhelmed, so those will be days to catch up. I will post answer keys for this week on Monday. I’m also gathering a list of Recommended But Not Required resources in case anybody wants to explore further. Stay safe and happy!

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