Ruby Bridges

Come read about how Ruby Bridges life was!

Additional Information

Ruby Bridges was raised up in a loving and caring family.She had four siblings.Her father lost his job when she was only six.Ruby Bridges family loved her very much.She was the first negro to go to a all white school.When she went to William Frantz Elementary school she was only six years old.When she went to kindergarten she went to Johnson Locket.

What it was like to enter William Frantz .

When Ruby Bridges entered the school,she had to be escorted.She was being shouted at.People called her names.It was not a pretty site to see.Ruby Bridges was scared when she entered the school.The first day she went to William Frantz Elementary School she was with her mom.The second day she was gonna go with her dad but she could not.The marshals said that it would be safer if he did not come.