Genetic Engineering

By: MeKenzy McKee

Genetic engineering refers to a set of technologies that are being used to change the genetic makeup of cells and move genes across species boundaries to produce novel organisms.

My Input.

If we get to the point to where people will be able to chose what their children look like it will get rid of certain traits that will not be continuously passed on from generation to generation, all because the parents thought it was "ugly." The world will get to the point that people will begin to look a lot more similar because they are changing the unique genes.
Human Genetic Engineering

The Problem.

To some people, this is the chance for a better and healthier life, but there are other people who fear that it is "playing God" and trying to "program" a human being. Each of these views is right in certain ways. Genetic engineering could be used to enhance peoples lives, but it could also be used to harm peoples lives.Although they might have a positive effect, new organisms created by genetic engineering could present an ecological problem.The changes that a genetically engineered species would make on the environment of a region are unpredictable. Just like an exotic species, the release of a new genetically engineered species would also have the possibility of causing an inbalance in the ecology of a region. An accident or an unknown result could present several problems.Genetic engineering could also create unknown side effects or outcomes. Certain changes in a plant or animal could cause unpredicted allergic reactions in some people which, in its original form, did not occur. Other changes could make an organism toxic to humans or other organisms.

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Addressing the Problem.

Genetic engineering should only be used to prevent and treat diseases, not change undesirable traits. An undesirable trait now, might be useful or desired in the future, and if we change everything now, that trait could simply disappear from existence and nobody would have it.

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