Modern Day Slavery

What is it

Domestic Servitude

Domestic servitude is when someone works inside a person's house like a servant. Doing jobs such as cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and ironing, and taking care of the children, grocery shopping and other household items. They are often women and children who are taken from the home with the promises of a good job or a good education. Domestic servants are usually sold off by their family members to get money.

What happens to them.

Once they get to the employers house however, their passports are often taken away and they are not allowed to go outside the house so no one can see them, and are subjected to harsh punishments if they do something wrong. Their owners use intimidation and fear to keep them under control and compliant. The lucky ones who get to escape and have help are traumatized by their experience so it's hard for them to do anything on their one since they lived under someone else's control for a long time.

How to help

You can help stop domestic servant owners by visiting to learn more about the issue and to find out how you can help them stop it. Or you can help by calling their hotline 1-888-3737-888 if you think someone may have a domestic servant.