Rocket Assessment

By: Aaron Jones

The aspects that allow a bottle rocket to stay in the air the longest are the smaller fins, shorter and light weight nose cone, a good center of gravity, and of corse, a parachute. The smaller fins will make it stay upright and on course but will not be to heavy or catch too much wind. The shorter and lighter nose cone will make it not catch too much wind or be to heavy (more useful if you have a parachute). The center of gravity will just make sure that the bottom is not heavier than the top so it will not just flip over mid flight. Last but not least the parachute; the parachute will (hopefully) open in the air when the rocket is just beginning to fall witch will catch a lot of air as the rocket falls and slow the fall.
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On our rocket we had good small fins but our nose cone was to heavy and tall so the parachute didn't come out.
Our fins increased our time because they were smaller and made it lighter. Our nose cone decreased our time because we made it to heavy. Our parachute did not affect our time because it did not open because of our nose cone. Over all We had a good center of gravity and decent rocket.