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Madden Mobile

Madden is a football game that you can play on your phone that allows you to play as your team and actually play as one of the players. The game lets you run, pass, punt, kick, all under your control. Madden also lets you interact with other players. You can play your friends in friendly games and with people in your league. You get money by doing live events, or selling some of your other cards. Live events are small games or drills that if you complete your get money or coins. Madden allows you to open packs or buy different players on the auction house. The auction house is a friendly buying and selling place so that you can find the player that you want. The game includes tons and tons of players so that you can make your own dream team. There are different ranked cards depending on their stats. The best players are elite players, then gold, then silver, and finally bronze. That’s it folks, hope you try this game out for yourselves.

Soccer Feature Story

Soccer means a great deal to me. It’s a game that I love and I have a lot of fun playing it. It involves rules that are O.K. and are relative to playing.

The inventor of soccer was Charles Goodson and the one who named soccer was Charles Wreford-Brown. Soccer has been played since the earliest part of civilization. The first soccer ball can be traced back to the ancient times and was filled with different materials to make it round. In 1855, the significant development of the soccer ball came around. Rapid development came when rubber balls and the FIFA rules were produced. The black and white balls that we use today remains as soccer’s icon and was first introduced in 1970, and was made specifically for the World Cup. The ball had 32 panels that were painted black and white alternately. The ball was called the Telstar. The Telstar was used again in 1974’s World Cup and was declared the official game ball for the first time. For the 2006 World Cup, a new ball called the Teamgeist was used and it had 14 panels which made the ball smoother. For the 2010 World Cup, Adidas introduced an 8 panel ball called the Jubalani. The ball had even fewer panels, so it increased the ball's performance and feel. That’s the history of soccer and how its come to be what it is today.

Nursery Rhythm

It was reported by a reporter that was at the boat race at 9:00 in the morning, Saturday the 9th of March, that the racer Donald Duck and his partner in crime Daffy Duck won the race by inches. The race stared at the docks and continued around the lake and ended at the dock, so people could see the finish and who won. The partners had a bad start at the beginning of the race, but they quickly showed that they had the skill to beat the other competitors. They pulled it off in milliseconds, and it was very close. The racers that were right behind them and almost won was Bugs Bunny, and he was flying solo. We later interviewed both teams, and they were both happy that they both could pull off the top two spots.

Newsies Strike Movie Review

Are you mad at the newspaper sellers? The movie is about the newspaper strike in New York, 1992. The movie is about a true story and is motivational. The moral of the story is fight for what you think is right. The newsies didn't like the rules for selling the newspapers, so they stood up for what they thought was right, until they could come up with a solution with the newspaper producers. The movie is rated PG and is enjoyable for the whole family.

Newsies Seize the Day (United) 702P


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