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September 18, 2016

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"You express the truth of your character with the choice of your actions" -Steve Maraboli

Hello everyone!

As you all know we're already more than halfway through September. Some of you have already started midterms and started to panic about catching up on schoolwork. In addition to all this, I see that you all are taking the time to work hard for AIESEC and help deliver an awesome winter peak.

It's certainly challenging, the pain of going through some of the changes we're implementing as an LC and trying to work within our current reality. I understand, I'm going through the same struggles with you, and it's been quite a challenge as we continue to progress forward. And as we move forward I wanted to share some insight I had that impacted me recently.

I've doubted, I've experienced lows, and I've had to experience a roller coaster of emotions at the same time as I've gone through my AIESEC experience. However, despite what has happened, I was able to understand that it's all part of the experience, and that being an AIESECer means that we'll constantly be challenged in ways that we never expect. That it's all part of the journey and that what truly matters is what we do, despite the fear and the doubt.

Like what I said in the beginning of the semester, this may well be one of the hardest semesters in AIESEC for all of us. But I have faith in all of you. Don't be afraid to fail and don't let failure be an excuse to not achieve great things. We can be the generation that changes it all for Arizona State and in order to do that we need to stay true who we say we are and take the right actions, actions that will not only impact us in the next few months, but that will impact the next generation of fearless leaders.

I've got confidence in you all and I'll be here to support you no matter what. Now let's get this done.

Much love,


LC Operations - What Do I Need To Know?


  • 1-on-1 meetings with all VPs finalizing operational strategies and projects for each function. Each of these strategies will be downscaled and adjusted to their corresponding functional teams. Reach out to your VPs or Alex if you have any questions!
  • Alex ran a space for the team to restructure the general direction and vision of the EB team and the LC, and things like the EB name creation and roll call occurred. EB 2.0 is ready to Grind Till We Own It, are you?

Outgoing Global Citizen - oGV

  • oGV team will be having their FTM this week to discuss main tasks for the upcoming week
  • LC partnership information will be finalized with Kristen and Alex, using LC contacts developed at International Congress
  • IXP promotion details are in progress, keep an eye out for IXP commercials brought to you by Jesse and Kristen during LCM!
  • oGV team needs to be contacting Open profiles this week!

Incoming Global Talent - iGT

  • Cold Call Sessions will be taking place this upcoming week, however only a few people have filled out Emma's Doodle! Please complete this task ASAP so that we know who will be available. The doodle link can be found here:
  • Tuesday, September 20th will be the Grow Globally Fair at Skysong and AIESEC Arizona State will be provided a space for a table. Alex will be attending early to set up a table at 1pm while everyone else attending will be arriving at 3pm. Contact Emma for further details.
  • Education on cold calling/networking will be provided during LCM spaces

Talent Management

  • Deadline for new member applicants is September 22nd! Anyone you have interested in applying please have them apply at
  • Information sessions and fliering will happen this upcoming week until the deadline!
  • Talent management tools will be used to track operations and membership productivity. VPs will be using the tool to help Jesse oversee productivity of the LC membership so please fill out your sections! Details on the tools will be covered at FTMs.


  • flier material for membership recruitment is being finalized by DJ and being printed out for this week.


  • Alex is working with the MC to organize a payment process for members to pay RoKS delegate fees. Clarification on how the process will work will be sent out on very soon.
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Check here for important deadlines and upcoming events

Organizational Culture of AIESEC

Please take the time and fill out this survey if you haven't already!

LCP Applications

LCP Application Booklet will be released on Wednesday September 21st. Keep an eye out for that in your email!

RoKS Registration

First round deadline to register for RoKS is TODAY! Register for RoKS here:

New Member Applications

New Member Application Deadline is on September 22nd. Have all new members send an application at

New Member Information Sessions

Times and locations for membership information sessions can be found here! Tell your friends, tell your roommate, tell your classmate, tell your dog:

Monday, 9/19/2016, 6-7pm, Room LL 272

Tuesday, 9/20/2016, 5-6pm, Room LL 243

Wednesday, 9/21/2016, 6-7pm, Room LL 272

Thursday 9/22/2016, 5-6pm, Room LL 243

Group Assessment Center / Talent Selection

Group Assessment Center will happen on September 24th. During this space there will be a Group Discussion stage and Personal Interview stage for all applicants.

PBLS / Organization Induction

PBLS will be held on October 1st

Agenda and content will be solidified by the EB prior to next week.


Regional Kickoff Seminar will be on October 7-9 in San Jose, CA. All details can be found at the RoKS website for registration, included again here

Logistics for travel to and from RoKS will be organized ASAP

Roll Call of the Week

AI 1617 Roll Call Challenge
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