Final Exam - Hunger Games

Matthew Robinson

Why did we watch The Hunger Games

  • The "Hunger Games" was shown at the end of the course for a reason. The reason you showed it is that it connects to all of the units because it is such a diverse story/movie.

Hunger Games Connections to the Units

  • The connections between unit one and The Hunger Games can be made. One way it can connect is that each district has a job that they do. An example of this is in district 12 they have the job of coal miner. This connects to unit one because they have the jobs based on where there district is located. So district 12 lives in that area and has that job because there is a lot of coal there. Another reason is they have to get extra food because they have trouble hunting cause the lack of animals. This relates because if they could have a choice of where there district could be they would choose somewhere else so they can have a greater food supply. Unit one and the Hunger Games can connect.
  • The Hunger Games can connect to unit 3. It can connect to unit three because the reason they are having the battles called The Hunger Games is because they have a lack of food. So the extra food you take results in you being put into the raffle to be picked more times. The reason they do it this way is so the people that eat the most food will get killed so they can help there food problems. This also relates to it because now that they have done this event so much everyone believes this is the right thing to do. Unit 3 and The Hunger Games connects.
  • Unit 4 and The Hunger Games also Connect. The way it connects is the how the districts and the people gain power. During the beginning of the movie the most powerful district is district one because they are the richest and have won the most. When Katniss is rated a survival rate total of 11/12 it starts to be aparent that she may be more powerful than them. At the end of the movie when Peeta and Katniss are the only two left district 12 gained more power because they were the wnners of The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games and Unit 4 can be connected.

Cultural Geography Course Analogy

Cultural geoghraphy is how our world runs, the work can be challenging but it get done in the end.

The Hunger Games Connections to the Real World

The Hunger Games can be connected to the real world. A way the Hunger Games can be connect to the real world is that China has the limit on children law. This is similar to the Hunger Games because there is a child limit for people in China and there is a food limit for people in the Hunger Games. So there are limits with both of the subjects. It is also similar because if they overstep these limits they get a punishment. The punishments have to do with death or you have to pay for it. Another examle of the limits is with the speed limit. If you exceed the speed limit you get punished. The connection can be made between the Hunger Games and the real world.

Can The Hunger Games society work on earth?

I do not think this society can be attained on earth because of many things. One reason it can not is it would be hard to get billions of people to follow one order. Also if you have a limit on food some people would try to leave where they are living, make there own house, and hunt there own food. The Hunger Games society would not work on the Earth.

Connections with The Hunger Games and My Life

My life and the Hunger Games can connect. One way the Hunger Games and my life connect is if you want to get somewhere you have to practice and try your best. This is like when all the people from all districts where practicing so when they got to the actual event they could use the skills they had learned. Another way it relates is in the Hunger Games everyone is different and has different attitude about all of the things that are going on. This is the same with iur lives, nobody acts the same about the same things. For instant if somebody said that there was going to be snow on the ground many people would be mad, many would be happy, and many would be nuetral about the situation. The Hunger Games can be connected to my life and many lives of other people.