Falcon Focus

June 1, 2015

Class of 2015

Once again I had the honor of representing Florence Elementary at the Keller High School graduation. Each year I am struck by the incredible young men and women who graduate Keller High School. Many of them received their education foundation at Florence Elementary. In fact, the Salutatorian, Allison Jones, was a Florence Falcon and will be going to TCU on a music scholarship. She gave a shout out to all her music teachers through her years in Keller - beginning with Mrs. Knagg! Wow!!!

The Valdictorian was Jenna White who was a precious young girl with a powerful message. She gave a wonderful speech that included a top ten list of what it was like to be a Keller High School Graduate in honor of Dave Letterman's retirement. She gently and humerously provided feedback on scheduling, grading policies, state testing, the architect of the school (beware of all the doors that open out into the halls because you could get your face smashed if you are not careful), bathrooms with limited toilet paper (which is why girls have to travel in groups because there is a risk you could be stranded). But most of all she shared the lessons in resiliency, relationships, education, and the opportunities to be prepared for life. The crowd gave her a standing ovation! It was such an emotional moment - I was so proud of her accomplishments and her bright future!

Each year I also struggle to keep it together as the top ten students' parents are introduced when their children - with grade point averages I could only dream of - stand and are honored. I cry when those students that I knew long ago from Hidden Lakes or friends of Mallory's cross the stage, and I cry when I see that face that made it across the stage that I knew from long ago struggled desperately with school and a high school diploma was a far off dream. It tells me that through the years the teachers he or she had continued to believe in them and did not give up.

During the entire ceremony I sit in emotional awe of how important our work is. I know it can be tough at times as we manage the 100's of variables and responsibilities that is education (different student and parent needs, high expectations, changes, accountability - the list goes on and on). But the rewards far out weigh any of the pain.

I am honored to be at Florence with educators that have the courage and the drive to show up everyday to do this important work! You all touch the future with your daily interactions, you ability to inspire hope, and your commitment to preparing our children academically, emotionally, and socially for the world. You all are super stars!

Thank you!


Next Few Meetings at a Glance - working agendas:

  • 6/2: Mini Session 6: Using Features of Information Text to Guide Reading


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* Mini Session 6

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  • 6/5: Teacher Luncheon 12:30 and EOY celebration
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Thank you to.....

Thanks to Kendal, Tammy, and the co-curr team for a great Mayfest and for being flexible as we worked through all the rain issues. You all rock!

Additional FYI Items

  • Please send pictures of your teams for the end of year slide show!

  • Please have your cafeteria charges taken care of this week.

  • We will have Principal and AP for the day on Tuesday.

  • As soon as possible, please schedule a time to scan in your textbooks. Casey’s calendar is filling up very quickly!

  • 12:00 on Friday is the deadline for teachers to submit their classroom restock order forms to Georgia Altom’s PTA mailbox. Thank you to PTA and Georiga!

  • Towards the very end of the 4th grade graduation, we will ding the intercom for everyone to line the halls for our 4th grade clap out. Thank you for showing your support to these students and their families as many of them leave Florence for the very last time!

Keller University

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