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Open House September 10th

Kdg-4th - Classrooms

5:30-6:00, 6:00-6:30, 6:30-7:00


2nd Graders to discuss AAP

6:30 - 7:00PM Testing in the Media Center

Painter Paws Open House

September 15th 6:00pm Classroom

SLO & GBE Deadline Reminder

Teachers that GBE and SLO conferences need to be completed by October 9.

Faculty Meeting Agenda

(Sept. 14th 3:10 Media Center)

  1. Bob Florence to visit staff (3:10-3:25)

  2. Deputy Holland (3:25-4:00)

  1. Mandatory Reporters

  2. Safety Kits

  3. Active Shooter

  4. Doors Locked

  5. Propping Doors Open

Comprehensive Remediation Program (Afterschool Tutoring)

Grades 3rd-5th

Starts Tuesday, September 8th

Every Monday-Thursday


Teachers don't forget to sign up with Mrs. McGlohorn once you finish your Class Aims Web Assessments.

Bulldog Bow Wow's:

- Just wanted to give a BOW WOW to Staci Clawson from Team B for helping us out last week. She did not have duty but came out of her classroom to help us out! That was going above and beyond what she had to do! TEAM B

- Magnificent BOW WOW to Melanie Trimble and Jenny Kinsey for developing and displaying of the first grade Cooperation Commercial! Top Notch! Looked like something we would see on Sesame Street. Fifth graders clapped when it was over! Linda Long


Life Skill of the Week: COURAGE


Monday, September 7th – LABOR DAY HOLIDAY

Tuesday, September 8th - Day 3

9:30am - Art Museum - 5th Grade

2:30pm - ACT

2:30pm - Afterschool Tutorial Starts

Wednesday, September 9th – Day 4

2:30pm - Capital Karate

Thursday, September 10th – Day 5

5:30 - 7:00 Open House

2:30pm - ACT

Friday, September 11th – Day 6

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As a member of Richland One, we at Brennen Elementary School will prepare every student to be a successful, contributing citizen in a global society by providing an effective and high quality education.