Personal Coat of Arms

Shield Project


Having a Coat of Arms became fashionable for nobility during the Middle Ages. Although, historians debate the exact purpose of a Coat of Arms, it was clearly meant to identify and inform others about the person who bore it.


Create a coat of arms that represents you. It must include the following graphic elements:

  • Individual motto ( you may choose to use a computer for lettering).
  • Animal or object that symbolizes positive personal qualities. If you choose an animal it may be real or mythical (must be hand drawn).
  • Select a background color or colors that reflect your value(s).
  • Incorporate an element that reflects your heritage it may be a flag or another type of symbol (must be hand drawn)

In addition to your shield, you need a written piece. At the top of the page in at least 18-point font you should put your first and last name as a title for the page. Immediately under that should be your individual motto (it can be in any size font that works with your formatting). Then, please explain how the symbolism of the graphic elements and the motto connect to you. You may use specific examples from your life to help illustrate your reasoning.

On-line Resources: use these to get started with creative ideas

medieval shield pics

How to

If you want to see a demonstration of how to make a shield watch this video. However, the shield that is made, does not match the project's requirements


  • The shield should be on core board or cardboard
  • Use a ruler to make straight lines
  • Dimension 14 1/2 in. width and 21 in. long