AL Simulated Workplace Model

Madison County Career Tech Center, Huntsville, AL

Alabama Simulated Workplace Model

VISION: Transform the culture of Career and Technical Education by creating high quality business and industry learning environments.

MISSION: Provide students an engaging and relevant curriculum with opportunities to earn industry-recognized credentials.

GOAL: All Career and Technical Education completers are college and career ready.


• Present curriculum in a relevant and purposeful manner

• Place business and industry processes directly into the CTE programs

• Incorporate foundational academic and career ready skill sets

• Provide students an understanding of all aspects of an industry or business and how their individual success leads to company profitability

• Provide each student with an understanding and knowledge of how career technical courses utilizing project based learning, along with work ethics, work place processes and behavior are integral skills to successful employment

STRUCTURES & PROCEDURES: The overall structure of the Simulated Workplace initiative will be governed by a set of protocols to assure consistency and quality in the local implementation of the concept. These protocols include the following requirements-

CTE programs will:

1. Utilize time clocks or some other form of formal attendance recording process;

2. Adhere to the school system Random Drug Testing Policy (if applicable);

3. Conduct an application / interview process for enrolling students;

4. Develop a company name and procedures / protocol manual;

5. Ensure all students receive quality safety training;

6. Submit Quarterly and Annual reports developed by students and instructors;

7. Establish work teams and an organizational system with students rotating across teams;

8. Ensure all instructors and students have computer access; *Institutional Education sites – Ensure at least all instructors have computer access

9. Participate in Business and Industry yearly onsite evaluations;

10. Utilize a portfolio system for students to document learning, credentials earned, projects completed, etc.; and

11. Celebrate end of the year accomplishments.