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Sawnee Tech News Vol. 7


Blendspace is a way to organize content for students to use easily. Karen Rice loves using it in her 3rd grade classroom and says its simple to use. Drag and drop text, links, videos, images, etc to create lesson cavases. It's not necessarily interactive, but could be a great way to differentiate content for your students. I recommend embedding your canvas in itslearning to build knowledge and then provide a way to hold students accountable within itslearning.
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Plickers is a great tool for classrooms with only a few devices - only 1 is needed! The teacher downloads the app and prints answer cards for each student. Students hold up their answer card for the teacher to scan. Immediate feedback is sent to the teacher's device! In my mind, plickers would be ideal for quick, formative assessments. Check out the video for a breakdown of how it works!
My Take on Plickers - Automatic Student Feedback with One Device
How to Use Plickers in the Classroom

Interactive Reading Activities

Backed by Penn State Public Broadcasting, these K-5 reading activities are designed to boost comprehension. I like the Questioning Cube best!

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Betsy Cain is an Instructional Technology Specialist at Sawnee Elementary in Cumming, GA. This flyer is created to share instructional technology news and tools with teachers at Sawnee Elementary, but feel free to use and share with others.
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