Desert language

Your favorite Deserts and revived languages in one place.

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The Sufaniyot is a traditional dessert in Israel. In Israel one of the official languages is Hebrew. Hebrew is used in Jewish prayers even today however it was becoming extinct. Now they are attempting to revive it into a living language by creating new words. A modern Hebrew dictionary was created after the revival began.
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Apple Frangipane Mille-Feuille

The Apple Frangipane Mille-Feuille is a traditional dessert in the province of León. One of the official language is Leonese. Leonese was considered a seriously endangered language in 2006. However, steps were taken by the government and it now has it's own day, is cebrated and is taught in schools.
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Irish Cream Brownies

Irish Cream Brownies are a traditional food in Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Celtic is spoken in these areas. However, it was much more popular two thousand years ago than it is today. After several invasions that resulted in the Celts losing much of their territory, the language began to 'die'. Now there are efforts to revive the language starting by having the language taught in schools, and many commodities and services are required to speak and write in Celtic.

Norwegian Vs. Danish

When Norway was under Danish rule the citizens were forced to learn Danish and that became the official language. Now, after their independence, the people are beginning to write in Norwegian again. This has created conflict between the people related to nationalism, rural vs. Urban, dialect vs. standard language, and spelling reform.