Elephant poaching

Only elephants should wear ivory

our mission

we are planning to help save elephants that are being killed for their ivory.

On Saturday, june 3 we are having a cook out at the Indianapolis zoo. The addmition is 5 dollars for a free meal and a free elephant ride. This money will help us raise awareness in saving elephant.

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  1. Poaching is a deadly crime against wildlife. Wildlife officials say that legal hunters kill tens of millions of animals every year. For each of those animals, another is killed illegally, perhaps on closed land or out of season, leaving orphaned young to starve. Few poachers are caught or punished.

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ivory poachers

"a number representing aproximently 8% of Africa's remaining elephants were killed in one year."

elephant poaching

poachers are killing almost 35,000 elephants a year, which is about100 elephants per day, as illegal ivory trade spirals out of control in Africa. Today, ivory-seeking poachers are killing more african elephants each year than are being born.
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Why do we do this

Think of the beauty, majesty, elegance and innocence as they trooped to drink, their infants toddling along beside them.Now think of their death throes. These graceful titans, trying to protect and revive their young before themselves succumbing.They have a range of emotions comparable to our own, deep feelings, self-awareness, body language, communication skills and matriarchal family structures that put many of us to shame. Elephants are people to not our natural resources.

Friday, May 29th, 9pm

1200 West Washington Street

Indianapolis, IN

For more information call 13176009901


On Twitter use the hashtag #onlyelephantsshouldwearivory to spread the word.


The people against our mission think that we should kill elephants because elephants don't matter to the world. They said, " when a elephant dies its a celebration". It's a celebration because they get lots of money from the elephants tusks.