....Akward new the outside of my

Music makes me the happiest :P, I also like to draw, I'm and introvert. In my free time I assume the browsing position and don't move for at least 13 hours... at a minimum.

Not all that much really scares me but one off the things that do abandon asylums xc.

my user name for almost everything is "City Wolv" or something along those lines. I don't quite no why it appeals to me, it just does. I spend a lot of time on my games pc or ps4.

The game I have spent the most hours on is definitely Skyrim last time I checked it was 196 hours...don't judge. video games also make me happy top ten favorite games.

No order

1.The Elder scrolls (all)

2.Battlefield 4

3.The Outlast

4.The Sims (all)

5.Farcry (all)

6.Assassins creed (all)

7.To the moon

8.Corpse Party (all) fantasy (all)

10.Diablo (all)

I play drums the songs I know are eye of the tiger, carry on my way word son, dream on,

seven nation army, and thunderstruck. I also tend to wonder into the part of tumblr you don't comeback from..... bye!