Xavier Floor 2 Daily Prophet

January 31st, 2016

Important Dates

Feb 2- Rager

  • It's Alexa's birthday!!!

Feb 4- Human Trafficking Event 7:00 pm

  • presentation on modern day slavery
  • dinner will be provided.

Feb 6- Homecoming


Feb 27- LC Brunch 12:00

  • Come enjoy delicious rice dishes from around the world. They will be better than the calzones we promise

March 5- To the Mountains

  • Come joins RA's Sam, Alexa, and Cory in a trip to the Mountains to play in the snow

Health and Safety Checks!

BE IN YOUR ROOM ON Tuesday, Feb. 9th and 7 pm!

Cory and Alexa will be coming in to every room on the floor to make sure everything is safe and up to housings standards.

If you and your roommate will both not be able to be there, WE ARE COMING IN ANYWAY!

So make sure everything is up to code now.

New Resident Director

Xavier has hired a new Resident Director named Sarah Palin, no it's not Sarah Palin I forgot her last name but her first name is definitely Sarah her first day is February 29th so look out for her.
Elephant Birth- the mother emotions.........


As always come talk to us if you need anything or have any questions, concerns, comments, snide remarks, or observations.

Alexa Christine McConville


Cory Dwight Daniels

Mmm pie.

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