Material Safety Data Sheet

A Physical and Chemical Ananlysis of "Man"

  • Element Name: Jadralium

  • Atomic Mass: 150.68 Kg

  • Symbol: Jm

  • Atomic number: 119

  • Discoverer(s): Jamal Young and Cassandra Lyles

  • Occurrence:
Highly concentrated deposits located in... Dallas and Richardson, Texas; Richardson High School and New Mount Zion Baptist Church

Extremely low quantities in... Finding time to rest from doing activities!!!

Physical Properties

  • Surface properties: Black hair, Dark brown eyes, 5 feet 10 inches, oval head, round checks, medium sized lips, yellow-ish white-ish teeth, African- American female.

  • Boils When... People get on my nerves and like to bother me. :( :( :(

  • Melts if... Something goes the wrong way; unexpected things happen or if something sad actually happens.

  • Can cause mood swings if... things don't go my way and can get angry easy. :)

  • Specimens can be found in various states
  • a. Happy when... Things go my way, when I hanging out with friends or I am having a wonderful day.
  • b. Scared when... in high elevation like roller coasters.

  • Becomes stubborn and unyielding when... People don't listen to what I say, when people ignore me, and when people talk bad about me. :( :( :(

Chemical Properties

  • Is repelled by... Any nasty bugs or insects that fly, crawl or do anything!!!

  • Is attracted to... Friends and family, boys because I am a girl who likes boys.

  • May explode spontaneously when... Negative people talk to me and have something rude to say and repeating myself to others.

  • Requires copious amounts of... Water, food, sunlight, oxygen, family friends, tv and SLEEP.

  • Is inert ... When I am sleepy and tired of doing things all day. I have a very busy schedule of my life.

  • Will repel... To nice, caring, considerate, and friendly people.

  • Is impervious to... Extremely rude people.

Thanks for looking at Poster!!!

By: Jadra Young

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