Animal Farm

A project started 2.11.15


Animal farm is a book, as the title says, takes place on an animal farm. An old hog, 'Old Major' gives his thought to the rest of the animals shortly before his death, speaking of how the animals must change their lives to support them all comfortably. They know the only reason they live is to provide humans through their lives and labor, everything they want and in exact amounts, and when the point comes, that an animal who has worked all its life with barely enough food to keep going's usefulness is of no more, he shall be slaughtered unmercifully, and major wants to change just that, and how no animal in their country will know relaxation or joy the day after he is old enough to begin working, and neither freedom, but only knows misery. Once he gets the farm to agree, they will remove the farmer and all the produce left by their work will be their own, and one day they will overthrow the human race in one large attempt to live in their own way.


Animal Farm was originally written to give the public more political insight on Communism. The main characters are a direct resemblance of real people such as Rasputin and Stalin. Communism started out as a community effort to help the people, and ultimately as Stalin ( Napoleon as represented in the story ) took power, led to the death of nearly 50 million people in the Soviet Union. Defining a theme is slightly difficult since this is a politically inspired book, but generally it is that we should all treat each other with equality and respect or those who we don't include will suffer, and that one day could be you.

Characters in the Book

Character Descriptions

Major - A very persuasive pig who inspires a rebellion against man. Major believes the tyranny of man has wronged the pigs and all animals.

Snowball - Believes all the animals need to be made equal in the new society. He becomes a major leader in the rebellion, but is later exiled by Napoleon.

Napoleon- A leader in the rebellion against man. He becomes a tyrant and eventually controls the whole farm through fear and intimidation, putting the pigs on top along the while.


"All Animals are Equal, But Some are more Equal than Others."

I chose this quote, not because its the most popular or defines the entire book, but because it fits the theme in a way I can describe it with ease. It represents the idea of propaganda without removing the truth, which is basically why this book was written, to reveal how the contemporary ( to its release, in 1945 ) Soviet Union was created, and how strictly it operates to its citizens, and at the same time put it in a book that could be child friendly.