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SIM Only Contract – Your Best Choice for Affordability and Flexibility

Sim only contract through 3G offers minutes, unlimited texts and 3G unlimited data similar to what is offered by the standard mobile 24-month service contracts. The only difference is we do not provide a handset. To avail of the sim only contract, you must have your smartphone with the capability for 3G unlimited data. If you are happy with your present phone without any plans of upgrading, we are offering a more cost effective option without a lengthy commitment.

What is a sim only contract?

A SIM card is tiny hardware that can either be standard, micro or Nano that is placed on your smartphone so that you can avail of the services provided by the mobile network. SIM only is a relatively new offer because most people make use of standard mobile phone contracts that last for as long as 24 months with a subsidized or free handset as part of the deal. SIM card only deal is more cost effective because the price of the handset is not part of the monthly minimum charges. SIM only contracts are generally rolling 1 month contracts which mean that it is very easy to simply cancel the contract and avail of a better deal from a rival mobile network provider. It is very convenient to avail of SIM only contracts because there are not credit checks unlike the standard phone contract where there is a possibility of rejection if your credit rating is low.

SIM only deals are relatively cheap particularly with the services provided. The 3G unlimited data comes with all SIM only deals and can be upgraded to 4G without any extra cost. If you smartphone does not support 4G or if there is no 4G coverage in your area, you can always use the 3G data. SIM only deals are perfect for people who require flexibility and do not want to be tied to long contracts. With the 30-day rolling contract, you have the advantage of getting a better deal if the competitor decides to add more features to the mobile service. On the other hand, if you are contented with the mobile services you can continue to roll over the contract to the next month or for as long as you like.

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