Rio de Janeiro

Olympics 2024

Rio de Janeiro - 4K Ultra HD Film Trailer


  • The Olympic games have never been held in a South American Country
  • This will be only the third time the Olympics will be held in the Southern Hemisphere, the most recent being in Sydney, Australia in 2000
  • Rio de Janeiro should be chosen for the 2024 location city because it is known to be able to hold large crowds, as it has in the past, with the FIFA World Cup for example
  • Not only can it host large crowds, but it is a great destination for vacationers, as well as a great host for the athletes


Why Rio?

  • Beautiful, scenic city with amazing views
  • Popular tourist attractions like Christ The Redeemer
  • Has many existing sporting facilities, like the HSBC Arena and the Maracanã Stadium
  • Has hosted popular world games such as the FIFA World Cup (twice), the Pan American Games, and the Military World Games
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Theme song of the 2024 games:

Meu Novo Mundo (My New World) by Charlie Brown, Jr.

Fun facts about Rio de Janeiro:

  • Has a nickname of Cidade Maravilhosa or "The Marvelous City"
  • With over 50 km of white and golden sand beaches, Rio is Brazil's tourism capital
  • It hosted the world's largest soccer game
  • The city gets more than 3 million international tourists every year
  • Rio de Janeiro served as the capital city of Brazil from 1763-1815