By: Kelly Shao


  • Arsenic is the 33rd element in the periodic table.
  • Arsenic is in Group 15-Pnictogen.
  • Arsenic is in Period 4.
  • Arsenic is a Metalloid.
  • Arsenic is a metallic grey or yellow color.
  • Arsenic is semi-metallic.
  • Arsenic has an atomic weight of 75 grams.
  • Arsenic is Toxic.
  • Arsenic is very brittle.
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In the World

  • Arsenic has been known to exist since ancient times.
  • Arsenic is used in rat poison.
  • Arsenic is a poison used to kill people (Murder).
  • Arsenic is needed in humans as an ultratrace which is needed for metabolism.
  • Arsenic can be found in some minerals.
  • Arsenic is usually a free element or not in many compounds.
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Interesing Facts

  • Arsenic isn't usually made in a lab.
  • Arsenic is easy to find in nature.
  • It is the main poison types for Who-done-it books.
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