Mrs. Harris' Class News

April 27 - May 8

What We've Been Up TO

We are beginning to wind down new instruction and starting to review material taught throughout the year. SOLs begin for Moss-Nuckols on Friday, May 8 (third grade will begin Monday, May 11).

In math, students are learning about geometry. This includes points, rays, angles and various 3D figures. They will also be able to identify the number of faces, edges, and vertices on a given 3d figure

In history we are wrapping up instruction on our brief economics units. The science and history post-tests are this week, with Science taking place Tuesday and History on Wednesday.

In reading we are now using both fiction and nonfiction texts during our reading group time and are reviewing skills for monitoring comprehension.

In writing, with our animal powerpoints complete, we have shifted our focus to cursive writing.

Earth Day

On Friday, April 24, Moss-Nuckols celebrated Earth Day with many activities in which the entire school participated. We made bird feeders, wrote haikus about nature, weeded the gardens in front of our school and planted tulips, painted old tires to be used in our literacy garden, read about ways to reuse, reduce, and recycle, and participated in a recycle relay where we had to sort "trash" as either biodegradable or non-biodegradable. We ended our day with dirt cups (which was our class' second time with the yummy treats!) and overall had an amazing day!

SOL Testing

As mentioned, SOL testing begins for MNES next Friday, May 8. Our tentative SOL schedule is as follows:

Monday, May 11: Reading Part 1

Tuesday, May 12: Reading Part 2

Tuesday, May 19: Math Part 1

Thursday, May 21: Math Part 2

More information will be forthcoming regarding expectations for SOLs as well as what you can do at home to prepare.

Important Dates

April 28: Science Post-Test (this will only occur during our content block)

April 29: History Post-Test (this will only occur during our content block)

May 1: Math test

May 4-8: Faculty/Staff Appreciation Week

May 5: 3.7, 3.8, 3.9 History test (due to time constraints I will be giving this as one test)

May 11 - 22: SOL Testing Window

May 21: PTA Meeting

May 25: Memorial Day - No School

May 27: Field Day

May 28: Last Day of School; 11 am Dismissal


- Please continue to check your student's Fox Folder every Tuesday and Thursday when they come home.

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Contact Mrs. Harris

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. 540-967-1347 ext. 6145