New exercise schemes in Newcastle

By Hayley Brennan


I will be looking at what exercise is available for 3 specific groups in Newcastle upon tyne. The 3 groups I will be looking at are older adults, referred clients and disabled people. Groups like these need opportunities to exercise as there are limited clubs/organisations available.

Older adults

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There are many opportunities for older adults to take part in physical activity in order to keep them fit; many organisations in the Newcastle area host clubs/sessions specifically for the older generation so they are more likely to want to participate in activities and are less likely to feel intimidated or self-conscious.

In Newcastle, I found that one of the best organisations for the older generation is active Newcastle. Active Newcastle cater for the over 50’s and have a range of activities specifically for that age group; this ensures that those within the over 50’s pool are gaining exactly what they need for their age. The great thing about active Newcastle is that membership is free, and you can receive further discounts for other things through this membership! There is also a huge variety of activities to chose from so there is something for everyone! Activities range from aqua fit, to tai chi!

Activities like aqua fit are good for tone and cardio, however it isn’t very strenuous on the body, which means that it is the perfect type of activity for the less mobile participant as they are still gaining benefits

Referred Clients

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For people who have been injured, the Newcastle sports injury clinic offeres a ranger of services to help people rehabilitate. Services range from a simple sports massage to pilate and yoga classes. Whilst at the centre they can check for any muscular imbalances and other posture problems which will help prevent any future injury. The sessions and therapies are performed by trained professionals!

The referral process is very specific, and it is used to refer most conditions.

  1. A GP consultation is arranged and the patient is then selected for screening - here, the patient will discuss their condition, and the next steps that may be taken in order to resolve their problem.
  2. The patient is then contacted, informing them of what is likely to happen and how long it will take (approximately) and what should be expected in the near future
  3. Once selected for a referral, the patient is assessed prior to starting the exercise program - this process involves the patient filling in a par - q and a consent form, acknowledging potential risks and expected benefits
  4. The patient and GP then discuss what exercises to do, and the time period to do them in, usually a 12 week program will be made - this is done so that the patient is comfortable with the program and so that they know what to expect before hand. This is also for the GP's records so that they know what the current plan is so changes can easily be made if needed in the future.
  5. About 6 weeks into the program, the GP will have a one to one with the client to see how the program is working, and if any changes are needed incase it is causing too much discomfort, or isn't working/bringing any benefits to the client.
  6. The client continues with the program and if after the 12 weeks are done and the client is still no better, more options will be discussed and adjustments to the program may be made, or another referral may be given
  7. The GP then has follow ups with the patient to monitor progress so that the patient can be treated to the best of the GP's/specialists capability and so that records are made incase of reoccurrence.

Disabled people

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There are a limited number of groups for those who are disabled, similarly to older adults, Active newcastle also provide information on activities specifically for those with a disability, so that they may participate at their own capabilities and with help/supervision when needed. one activity available is supervised swimming which is completely free, and is available for people who have suffered a stroke. People may attend all year round, knowing they will be in a safe environment to participate. Another activity available is a multi-activity drop in session which is fantastic for anyone with a disability! It's cheap entry at only £3, and any helpers accompanying are free! This is a great chance for those with disabilities to explore different sporting activities and to socialise in a safe environment with trained coaches and carers present. This session is available to attend weekly.