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English 9 Pineda-spring 2015

Journal reflection

if i had unlimited funds this weekend i would buy my mother a house, a car,and i'll have her to pick my friends up and go everywhere.Second i would buy my deam car and wait until my 16th birthday to drive it. Then i would put 7 billion in the bank for a rainy day. Then i would donate money to people who need it. Finally i would buy everything my family and i always wanted.

the reason i pick this topic is beacause i thought it was interesting to talk about and it was fun to talk about what i would do if i had unlimited money for a weekend.it is also my best journnal because i love money and i love talking about money.

short essay

if i could visit the past i wouldnt because for one i wouldnt want to go back to all the bad memories that i've had.For two i wouldnt want to make a mistake that can ruin my future. For three i wouldnt want to

yes I believe that love is stronger than hate because love is a strong feeling that just don't go away in a snap of a finger when you love someone you would possibly do anything you could for them. like if the person really wanted something you would go out your way and try to get that thing for them. some people love so strong they would even risk their life for them like Romeo and Juliet. They loved each other so much but they couldn't be together because the fighting of their family they killed their self since they couldn't be together.

note to self

dear Jazmyne ,

The first semester was a little hard but I managed to get through it. I did everything I could to pass pt.1 I stayed back, did my homework, studied for all my test, I paid attention, and stayed focused in class. when it came to final exams I passed. second semester was a lot easier I still stayed back and was on top of all my work I never let any of my grades get to an E and if they did I made sure I brought it up before a report card or a progress report came out. my favorite part of first semester was passing the geometry final exam. my least favorite part of the first semester is when my science teacher left. my favorite project was when we did the commercial assignment in Ms Pineda class.

sincerely, jazmyne