Member of the European Union since 1973

History of Ireland

Ireland used to be in UK but gained independence in 1921 for 26 southern counties. Six northern counties remained part of the UK. The government type is Republic and parliamentary democracy. The currency type use to be pounds but now, the Republic of Ireland, they use Euro while Northern Ireland still uses pounds.

Flag of Ireland

The green represents the reflection of the society of United Irishman, a republican organization during the 1790. The orange represents the supporters of the House of Orange, who settled in Northern Ireland during 17th century. The white represents the symbol of peace between the two sides.
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Capitals and 4 other major cities

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Physical features

Climate- temperate maritime; mild winters, cold summers,consistently humid, overcast about half the time. Ireland is located in 53 degrees north and 8 degrees west. It is in Western Europe occupying 5/6 of the islands of Ireland in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Interesting facts

Ireland is slightly larger than West Virginia

Ireland is a snake- free island

One of the most successful beer products.