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7:00AM “On The Spot ” Stomach Abs Workout Class !

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(Only Takes JUST 30 minutes , Well Worth It , Quick and Easy)

Experienced Personal Trainer: “Mr. Flash Abs”When? (This Wednesday - Tuesday) Abs Exercise ClassBY “Mr. Flash Abs”From June 4, 2013 (Tuesday) Until June 11, 2013 (Tuesday) ABS Exercise Class To get rid of that problem stomach area that everyone wants to lose. (Commonly Called Muffin –Top or Love Handles today) Where? Right Here!  In This ParkDaffin Park Near Bee Road Street Side Near the Savannah Fire Station (Can’t Miss Us)IT’S FREE!!!! Ask About Our Free 7 Day Fat Loss Meal Plan IncludedLose an Entire Fast Dress Waist Size!!!!