Great School Opening!!

Welcome Back, Welcome Back! I wanted to thank everyone for a wonderful school opening. Everyone looked great in their professional attire. We have one great looking staff. Your classrooms looked great and I enjoyed seeing many of the first day activities going on in your classrooms. Thank you for your patience as we continue work through scheduling. We hope to have all schedules fixed by next week. If you notice that you are missing students, or students are reporting to your class that are not on your roster, please let us know.


Interested in G4 laptops?

Jen Sheeron from the tech department is in the process of ridding our building from the clutter of laptops that do not work and the carts that housed them. However, there are a a number G4's that do work. If you are interested in obtaining some of these computers, email Jen directly to see what she has left.

Lesson Plans

As we move into the first full week of school, please make sure that you update your lesson plans. You should asses your plans to ensure they are aligned to Common Core/NJCCS standards. Remember to place your plans on the server in the lesson plan folder. Please do not place your plans in any other folder as we will not be able to review them. To our new staff members, we use the UBD format (Understanding by Design). If you are not familiar with this format or how to place lesson plans on the server, do not worry we will help you. Kelly Neiman, our curriculum supervisor, can assist you. If Kelly is not available, 6th grade AP Tracy Newhart is also available. Keep in mind the unpacking the standards training you received this week when planning your lessons. The LA teachers that did not receive the training will be trained during a future LA department meeting.

Afterschool/Evening Events Sign-up

Please make sure that you sign up for at least two after school or evening events for the 2014-15 school year. The binder with the list of events and committees is located in the main office.

Affective Concerns Meetings

The Guidance Department will be contacting each team next week to set up a time meet and discuss the students on your roster. Please begin to find a date and time that works for both your team members and guidance to discuss your students.

*For new staff members, administration and guidance keep detailed records on all of our current students and incoming students that help us make decisions on placement. We call this information Affective Concerns. At the beginning of every year, we share these records with you so you know all the information about your students.

In Conclusion

Finally, as you know we have a number of new staff members. Let's all do our part to support them. When you have the opportunity, stop by their classrooms and say hello. Ask them "How can I help you?", "Do you need anything?" Let's help them navigate through these unchartered waters. Show them how the Hartford staffulty works together as a team. Enjoy your weekend and rest up. We have our first full week ahead of us.

Be Great,