Johannesburg South Africa

White sandy beaches, high mountain peeks, relaxation galore

Sights To see

Fun things to do in Johannesburg will never end, you could go check out Johannesburg safari adventures which includes zebras, lions and more wild animals. Another sight to see is during september you can see whales swim by in the Hermauns ocean. Another exciting thing to see is on of Africa's ten vineyards that are still producing. Or on a hot day check out their Lost City which is a resort on a beach with fun things to do, so be sure to checkout all Johannesburg has to offer.

Culture Clues

Did you now Johannesburg has a high population and a lot of instersting cultures, Johannesburg has the fifth highest population in South Africa. And a sight to see would have to be the world's richest gold mine, which is in Johannesburg. The labors needed to get the gold brought people to the city, making it such a large city. Also when people in Johannesburg eat the man is always given the head of the of the animal or "the best part". And a lot of times when people have a party they eat steak, salad and chops. I think all of these things make Johannesburg cultures very instersting.

Fun In The Sun

The fun will never end in Johannesburg, lots of people in Johannesburg like bike riding and sports. Other things could be going to a play, or since Johannesburg has a wonderful coastline and oceans because it is a peninsula the oceans are a big attraction. Also since Johannesburg is the most modern city South Africa, the fun is endless! They have a wonderful resort called the lost city were you can stay and swim and see the sights, you will never be bored in South Africa.

You'll Never Go Hungry

There is a ton of different foods for all meals so If you are looking for a treat they are well known for their tarts,pastries and deserts. Also for breakfast try fresh foods from the market like bananas, strawberries and lots of other fruits. Plus for lunch you can try foods from all over the world like chinses food, Italian food and even American food. Or for dinner you could try pap, which is a meal with corn, vegetables, and herbs dipped into gravy once in a ball form. There are many varieties of foods in Johannesburg so be sure to try them all.

Save The Date For The Perfect Place

If you are looking for some perfect weather go to Johannesburg! The weather is always nice, it is never to cold or to hot. The reason why is it is a peninsula and has ocean on three sides, so the weather is always just right. Which makes to an awesome place to go fishing, sports, mountain climbing and many more activities, so do not miss out on a wonderful weather paradise.

Taal (language in Afrkaans)

There are a verity of different languages in Johannesburg, so have you been freaking out about languages and how you will communicate? Well they speak English too! But they also speak isiZulu, isiXhosa, Afrikaans and so much more. What is also interesting is every race group in Johannesburg has it's own language, but there official language is Afrikaans, but they still have lots of interesting languages

Johannesburg Map

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