Mrs. Jackson's Class

Welcome to Eighth Grade Physical Science!

Welcome to class!

Welcome to Eighth Grade Physical Science! I look forward to a great year with everyone. We will be covering a lot of material this year.It is very important for students to have good attendance. Their Eighth Grade year serves as preparation for their High School careers. I am excited to see everyone succeed this year.

Grading Policies

Since SMMS utilizes a standards based grading process, you may not see as many grades as you may be accustomed to seeing during a grading period. Standards based grading means that all student work relates to a specific standard; however, not every assignment that a student completes will be recorded in PowerSchool. Our goal is to ensure student mastery of the standard.

Graded assignments will be placed in PowerSchool according to the standard being addressed. These assignments may include classwork, quizzes, projects, etc. Standards within a content area will be divided into categories. The categories and weights for physical science are as follows:




** All entries in the grade book will be correlated to the corresponding Georgia Performance Standard through the gradebook category and notes on each assignment

Technology in and out of the classroom

Students who do not have access to the internet or computers at home will be afforded the opportunity to stay after school to complete the assignment or an alternate assignment will be given at the discretion of the individual teacher.

You can keep up with what is happening in the classroom by visiting my website, Google Classroom, Power School, and by emailing me.

Please remember that teachers are the keys for learning, but parents are the keys for success. We look forward to a great year working together with all of you!

Our first nine weeks we will cover:

We will be covering the basics. It is important to have a daily routine that everyone is accustom too. The first nine weeks we will develop a routine, go over our content that will be covered during the year, cover lab safety, and matter.

I hope to implement many labs into our classroom that will give students a different hands on experience.

Some Announcements and Upcoming Events

August 3rd- Middle Grades Open House

August 5th- The First Day of School