Hitler From Chancellor To Death

The Brain Behind The Sadness


Hitler and the Nazis had gained power on the 30th of January 1933 and by March of that same year was when the holocaust started.At the first Concentration camp it was meant to only hold jews but after hitler started taking over taking over europe.Adolf Hitler thought that the final solution was to whipe out the jews.On the 16th of September,he wrote that "the final objective must be the complete removal of the Jews

The Growth Of Hitler Youth

The Hitler youth started around the early 1900's. Other groups joined in including the boy scouts and sports groups. Most of the kids and people in the Hitler youth were known as a wondervogel. The group ended up disbanding and changing into the National Socialist German Workers' Party. towards the end of this organization there was a march that resulted in the killing of 3 police men and 16 Nazis.

The Final Solution

The final solution was written by hitler thinking that the only way for a german supremacy was to kill of the jews. The word Final Solution meant to completly slaughter the jews or completly exterminate the Jews. The Only way to do that was to completely segregate the Jews from the "Perfect Germans". Which means putting signs or other things on their shirt for example: the Jewish star of David and much more. While having to slaughter every other European countries his main focus was always to completely wipe out the jews





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