Alexander's Announcements!

October 7, 2016

Important Information!

What an amazing week! Race Around Webster was incredible! It is great to be a part of such an awesome event. Thanks to all who made it happen!

J Hawk Huddles were this week. In our huddles we focused on one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven and Sean Covey. Our focus was "begin with the end in mind". Have your child share his/her thoughts on what this means to him/her.

Math Math Math!

Ask your child about:

Our Math Goals for Unit 2: I can complete math facts to 20 with accuracy.

I can add 2 digit numbers to 100.

  • Quick look cards.
  • Addition Strategies – Odd + Odd = Even, O + E = O, E+E=E,
  • Doubles +1
  • Near Doubles
  • Make a ten and add one/two
  • Race to 30
  • Using the Number Grid or Number Line to count up
  • Adding the Biggies & the Littles
  • Tens Ladders
  • Turn your calculator into a doubles machine

Language Arts Activities!

Ask your child about:

Our goals: The focus genre: Informational/Expository Narrative and Nonfiction Text Features. I can ask questions before, during and after I read to help me understand the key details and authors purpose. I can summarize informational texts using key details and text evidence.

  • Our guided reading books - novel studies
  • What is a root word, prefix,suffix?
  • Subject and Predicate of a sentence.
  • Descriptive words.
  • Commas in a series
  • Capitalizing the word I
  • Summarizing as a comprehension strategy.
  • Nonfiction text features such as charts, photographs, headings, Venn diagrams.
  • It Happened to Me stories!
  • Our class read aloud - I Survived the Joplin Tornado!

Science Rules!

Ask your child about:

Our Science Goals for Habitats: I can understand how plants and animals depend on each other. I can do research on plant and animal habitats.
  • Jester Park Field Trip.
  • Pond Habitat – Diorama projects will begin next week, please make sure your child has brought in a shoe box or large kleenex box.
  • Fish, tadpoles, dragonflies, cat tails, moss, algae and insects live in a pond.
  • Layers of the pond!
  • Animal Groups – amphibians, insects, mammals, and reptiles
  • Junior Achievement activities!

Upcoming events!

  • Concert - October 13th
  • Insect Zoo - October 14th
  • Parent Teacher Conferences - November 10th & 15th