A Peek at Our Week

October 18-22, 2016

Fall Festival!!!!!

Paine Elementary will be hosting our first annual Fall Festival November 5th from 9:30am-12:30pm. There will be games, prizes, food, and fun! We hope you will be able to join us.

A wristband will give your child unlimited access to games and inflatables. (Parents do not need a wristband). Prices are listed below:

1 wristband: $15

Family Pack (3 wristbands): $30

A boxed lunch from Bojangles’ will also be offered for $6.

We will also be hosting a silent auction for our parents! Each class will auction off a piece of artwork that our wonderful art teachers will organize. Each homeroom will also sponsor a “themed” basket to be available for auction.

Tweed's basket theme: Sports

Chambliss' basket theme: Legos

We will need different items to fill our basket. Please send any items you are willing to donate in with your child that matches our theme. You may also send in a monetary donation and your class room mom will take care of the shopping. Our room mom will put our basket together to be ready for the auction.

It will be a fun and exciting day for us all!

Language Arts

Phonics skills for the week: /ar/, /mb/, /wh/, /er/, /ir/, /ur/

This week's stories:

Ten Eggs

Little Red Hen Gets Help

Let's Make Tortillas

Students will continue to practice good reader habits and challenge themselves daily.


We will be focusing on solving story problems. Students are learning to follow steps to see how to solve a word problem. We will continue working in our math journal and play games to support our addition and subtraction mastery.


We will begin our new module on light!

New Lunch Times

Our new lunch times are:

Tweed- 11:45-12:10

Chambliss- 11:50-12:15

school events

10/20/16 - McWane Science Center Field Trip

11/06/16 Fall Festival

Spelling Words











* Test will be on Thursday each week.

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a note about rewards

1.) We will have the following types of ‘awards’ for students at Paine Elementary School this year. The students in grades 3 – 5 will have the High Honor Roll (students must make grades of 90 and above on all subjects) and the Honor Roll (students must make all A’s and B’s). These grades are presented on the report card from their teachers and will be done each report card period. We will have “Husky Bucks” which can be given to Paine Elementary Staff for any activity, character trait exhibited, good deed, great effort, etc., etc. to any child when the staff member sees it being performed. When students reach 5 Husky Bucks, they can either go to the Husky Store (which shall be named after our mascot) and ‘purchase’ an items from the store. Or, the student can drop his/her 5 Husky Bucks into a bin where 10 names will be selected every two weeks for ‘special prices’ not found in the Husky Store. There will be other awards toward the end of the school year (attendance, safety patrol, etc.).

Attendance Policy

We want to provide all of our Paine Elementary parents with detailed information regarding the attendance policies of Trussville City Schools.

Please use the email addresses below to provide parent excuses for your student’s absences.



Monday: Students who check in after 10:53 am will be considered absent for the full day.

Tuesday-Friday: Students who check in after 11:23 am will be considered absent for the full day.


All excuses must be original. No faxed or scanned copies will be accepted unless it is sent from the agency providing the service.

Falsifying and/or forging excuses is punishable through Jefferson County Family Court.

All excuses are first posted as unexcused (U) and will be changed when an excuse is turned into the office.

2 types of excused absences are posted---

X- Parent excuse

P- Physician’s excuse

Students can have up to 6 days of excused absences per year with a parent note. The 6 days may include sickness, vacation, sports competitions, etc. and will be coded “X-parent excuse.”

Any absences after the 6 days of parent excused absences MUST have a doctor’s note to be excused.

Any student accumulating three unexcused absences will receive a letter notifying parents that continued failure to comply with attendance policy will result in a referral to the Trussville City Board of Education (TCBOE) Student Services and the Early Warning Program in Jefferson County Family court. After a student has accumulated 5 unexcused absences, the school will send a 2nd notice to the parents. After the 7th unexcused absence, the attendance information will be reported to the TCBOE Student Services Department and a referral made to the Early Warning Program in Trussville City Court. Once a student has completed the Early Warning Program in Trussville City Court, any additional unexcused absences will be referred to Trussville City Schools Student Services Department for referral to Jefferson County Family Court for truancy.