OMS 8th Grade Newsletter

Important Reminders and Upcoming Events Below! 5/2- 5/6

8th Dance Parent Volunteer Sign Up

Dear Parents,

We would love your help getting ready for the dance on May 20th! Please sign up using the sign up genius link below. You can sign up in 2 hour increments. The available time slots are as follows:

Thursday 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Click here for the Sign Up Genius

Spring 2016 Forsyth County Parent Survey

Dear OMS Families,

It is that time of the year, that we need to get YOUR input/feedback about how we are doing as a School wide Title I School.

Please complete the online survey for us. The link is below.

If you want your name put into a raffle for a Barnes and Noble $20.00 gift card, you can email me your name and child’s name and I will put them in a raffle to win! Thank you and good luck! J

Spring 2016 Forsyth County Parent Survey - distributed to the anonymous parent

Login: OMSParent

Password: TINA


Ali M. Cregan

The Masquerade

8th Grade Dance Information (2016)

Friday May 20th 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

***Dance Reminders:


- No plunging (low cut) necklines or backs

- No thigh high leg slits

- No exposed stomachs or mid-drift areas

- No see through dresses/tops/skirts

- Strapless dresses ARE OKAY (encouraged to sew clear straps into dress to avoid “wardrobe malfunctions”)

(Encourage no formal dresses; sun-dresses, nice skirts, or maxi-dresses are more appropriate)


- Khakis or dress pants (blue, black, grey, tan-ish)

- Dress shoes or boat shoes (like Dockers)

- Collared dress shirt or golf-like shirt

- Tie and jacket NOT REQUIRED

(Encourage no tuxedos)

- NO TENNIS SHOES or BASKETBALL SHOES (any athletic type shoes)


- $10

- Can be purchased at the door on the night of the dance

- Snacks and drinks are included in the price of a ticket


- Not required to bring a date

- Students may not bring dates from the 7th and 6th grades OR people who do not attend OMS


- No limos, party buses, horse & carriage, helicopters, etc.

- Student will NOT be allowed to leave the dance early.

High School Transition Meeting Times

Please click the link to see high school transition meeting times:

8th Grade Picnic


We are looking for donations for our annual 8th grade picnic. If you are interested, please send in the items below. Thank you in advance!!

**Individual plastic bottled water

**Individual packages of chips

**Please send all donations to Ms. Cooper’s classroom (room 427 – 8th grade hallway) by Friday, May 20th, 2016**

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Social Studies

Ms. Sessa:

Students will be reviewing by working on an end-of-the-year project.

Ms. Salazar:

Ms. Coleman:

Summative Quiz #3 on Georgia’s Judicial Branch is scheduled for Wednesday May 4th. There will be reviews scheduled for Monday morning at 8AM and Monday afternoon at 4:20PM. Morning session requires a signed pass from Ms. Coleman.


Mrs. Holmes, Mr. McCormack, Mr. Kinneer:

Over the next week, classes will be reviewing for the science EOC. Our Physical Science EOC is scheduled for May 9th. Students have received a study guide. Every week will be dedicated to reviewing topics that we have covered throughout the year. Please check itslearning for additional studying resources.


Ms. Pitner and Ms. Wharton:

This week as testing finished up, our students have delved into high school math. Students are learning to graph inequalities by using previous concepts and knowledge. They are also adding and subtracting polynomials by combining like terms.

Next week we will take it one step further and begin multiplying polynomials. Be looking for two quizzes next week!

Ms. Cooper:

Accelerated/Advanced Math – Cooper – Please check the class website for all assignments (ie. homework, class work, and assessments).


Ms. Pacheco:

We are in the final stretch and there are no signs of slowing down until the very end. I have uploaded a calendar with events for the rest of the school year as it pertains to my Spanish class. You can find that on itslearning. I know the kids are tired, but please help me to encourage them to keep pushing through so we can end things well.

Ms. Campos:

Students are learning demonstrative adjectives and will apply this grammatical concept in context. They will create and present dialogues.

We will take our Spanish SLO next Tuesday 5/3 during class.

Language Arts

Mrs. Taylor:

On Level:

We finished our novel study this past week. We will work on writing and presenting for the next few weeks. The students will begin a document based writing (DBQ) task. This will be completed in class and will count for their last summative grade.


We were supposed to begin our DBQ unit in writing. Due to the testing schedule, we read and discussed the classic “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

This upcoming week we will begin our writing unit. It is hard to believe that this will be our last summative grade.

Mrs. Barrett & Ms. Sams:

Next week, we are wrapping up To Kill a Mockingbird!! They have questions due on Tuesday, May 3, as well as a quiz over Chapters 23-31. There will be a study session Tuesday morning at 8:20 to review any questions they may have. Their summative will be Friday, May 6. There will also be a study session that morning to review for the final test over the book.


Mrs. Griffey: