The Hoot Owl



It has been a great week welcoming our students back on campus. What a joy it is to see those smiles, even behind masks, that show the excitement the students feel as they enter the doors of the school.

As we all return on Tuesday, September 8, we look forward to a great year full of happy, healthy students. In order to help keep us all safe, here are a few reminders:

*If your child is sick, please do not send them to school (see chart below)

*3rd and 4th graders are required to wear masks at school

*PK - 2nd graders are strongly encouraged to wear masks while in the classroom, however, must wear one in common areas like the bus, the hallway and the restroom.

*Lanyards are a great idea to hang masks from so that students do not lose their mask

*Label masks, lunch kits, jackets, etc so that we can get them returned to the owner if misplaced


*Make sure you have your car rider sign daily. We are using a new system that requires the scan code on the car rider sign. If you do not have your sign, it will slow things down.

*If your child has a change of transportation, please make sure and send a note to the teacher. In the event of an emergency, you can call the front office and request the change.

*Send your child with a water bottle daily. We have a touchless refillable station now so students can use the same water bottle all day.

*Lunches need to come to school with children daily. We will not be accepting drop offs in the front office at this time. If a child forgets his/her lunch, they will be allowed to purchase from the cafeteria.

*Car rider - remember that for both morning and afternoon car rider, parents will not be allowed to walk up to the front door. You must remain in the line and drop off at the door.

*Car rider afternoon - Please make sure you are entering the car rider line from Oak Ridge School Road (if traveling north on the feeder road). We will begin blocking off the driveway on Tuesday, September 8.


Please see the chart below to help make the best decision about school when your child is not feeling well.

The good news this year is if you child is not feeling well and stays home, they can still participate in a virtual lesson either via SeeSaw or Canvas.


If your child is in need of school supplies, our counselor has an abundance of them. Please complete the request form on our school webpage at


If your child/children are returning for face to face learning on September 8, please remember you need to return any school issued laptops, ipads, and/or hot spots. These were provided for at home learning and we now need to them for the classrooms. Please send them with your child when they return on September 8, 2020.


As of now, we will no longer be accepting changes in learning types. Students will continue either face to face or virtual from now until October 9, 2020. Parent/students will have an opportunity to change for the second nine weeks in early October.


CISD Level 3: Students in grades 3-12 are required to wear face coverings in all areas, including classrooms, and when social distancing of at least 6 ft. is not possible. Students in grades PreK-2 are asked to wear face coverings. All students (PreK-12) will wear face coverings, as developmentally appropriate and feasible, on buses, during transitions, and in school common areas.


Don't miss out on purchasing your child a school shirt and/or mask! You are also welcome to buy yourself a shirt and/or mask. Orders can be made off of our school website under Parent tab, School webstore, School Cash Online.

I've attached directions for you if you need assistance. Shirts and masks can be purchased from today until Sunday, September 6..


Joining our parent/teacher organization is a great way to get involved in helping keep our school great. Membership is $5 per family. This year, based upon guidelines, all of our PTO meetings will be held virtually via Zoom. We hope this provides an opportunity for more folks to become involved than in previous years.


We are excited to announce that we are in the process of getting an outdoor classroom for our students to use. PTO has graciously donated toward this venture and we are moving forward.

We are still in need of extra funds for benches, chairs, and tables for the students to use while outside. You can make a donation towards this venture on the PTO website under the "donate" button. If you know of businesses or individuals willing to support this venture, please reach out to them and point them towards our PTO.


Just a reminder that Free/Reduced lunch status must be applied for yearly. The sooner you apply will hopefully ensure no interruption. You can apply online at the following link If you need assistance, Virginia Vera, PEIMS/registrar, will be happy to assist you.



7 - Labor Day holiday

8 - All students return to school who have chosen face to face learning

24 - Fall pictures - watch for a plan for remote students to participate in fall pictures