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Graduation is THE goal.


Northtowns Academy is an alternative setting that provides students new beginnings and second chances. Northtowns Academy focuses on the whole student, allowing every opportunity to achieve goals; ensuring a brighter future and building productive members of society.

Welcome Alan Rubeck!

Northtowns, please welcome Alan Rubeck to our student support services team! Alan will be with us Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri from 7:30a-11:00a and will be housed in the AP Suite. His role will be to participate in building-wide initiatives, train alternative staff in CPI, work with Long Term Suspension students, and work with teachers and administration to analyze behavioral and attendance data to work with students.

Directions for Administering Regents Examinations

Time Regulations:

1. Morning exams will begin at 8:15am Afternoon exams will begin at 11:15am

2. Uniform Statewide Admission Deadline is 10:00am for the morning session and 2:00pm for the afternoon session.

Supervision of Students:

1. Student must sign in and sign out of each exam room. We must keep an accurate record of students to confirm presence or absence.

2. Students must not possess any unauthorized note or printed materials.

3. Students are not permitted to obtain or give any information during the examination.

4. Students are prohibited from bringing cellphones or other electronic devices into the exam room. Electronics will be collected at the door and clearly labeled with the students name on it.

5. No one may interpret or explain exam questions to students. You may advise students to use their best judgment.

6. a Proctor must accompany students for temporary leave from exam room (bathroom, nurse, etc.).

7. All testing materials must be collected BEFORE the student leaves exam room at completion of the test.

8. NO ONE can alter any test once the student has handed in test materials.

Rating Regents:

1. Teachers are not permitted to score their own students' papers.

Anyone who engages in inappropriate conduct with respect to administering and scoring will be reported and subject to disciplinary actions.


1/13 Diane Juszkiewicz

1/15 Jennifer Hance

1/21 Arlene Kurek

Dates to Remember

1/4- Faculty Meeting

1/18- MLK Jr. Day NO SCHOOL

1/21- BLT Meeting

1/22- Qtr 2 Grades Close (Grades Due on 1/26)

1/26-1/29- January Regents Examinations


* POSITIVE REFERRALS!! Let's keep them up and continue to look for ways to celebrate those SMALL WINS!

* Student Support Services: Please call Ms. Pickard and Ms. Chirico-Hager before sending a student down. With the high number of intakes, they may not be readily available.

Teamwork makes the Dream work!