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A good caterer will give you good advice. But, you need to have a basic understanding about quantities to order for the number of people you expect to be served - and the options you can consider when you are watching your budget! Use the following info as a guideline, not a hard, fast rule!

Choosing a package from Beverage catering Service in Sydney and Melbourne


Allow one beverage per person per hour for a 4-hour gathering to be on the safe side. Not everyone will drink liquor! Even those who do may switch from alcohol to water after the first or second drink, so don’t forget to order water. Bottled water will be appreciated, but by-the-glass will definitely be cheaper!

The rate of consumption will decrease if the duration of the party is longer. The quantities listed below are based on serving only one type of beverage, such as beer or wine.

This may surprise you –

A “soft bar” that serves beer and wine only will usually be more expensive because there are only 5 pours out of a bottle of wine versus 15 to 18 pours per person from a liquor bottle.

In recent years, consumption of cocktails has been lighter at group functions than beer and wine but that might not always be the case.

If you offer a combination, order less of each type to be served. Order more of the type you think will be most popular and less of the others to reach a total number of one per person per hour. This can be tricky unless you know the likes and dislikes of your group.

At the beginning of the evening, ask the catering manager to alert the bartenders that you will want an accounting of the type of drinks that are served along with your liquor bill at the end of the evening. Keep an accurate record of the number of drinks and the percentage of the various types consumed. This will be invaluable information when you begin planning and budgeting for the next function for the same group, and it will be helpful if you are planning for another group that is similar in style.

Best advice from Beverage catering service Sydney, Melbourne

Know your group! Study its history. If history has not been recorded from previous events but the group has held similar functions in the past, contact the venues that hosted the functions and ask for history. They can usually tell you how many were expected and how many were actually served. Past invoices can also help. History is Golden.

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