Four Perfect Pebbles

Lila Perl and Marion Blumenthal Lazan


Holocaust- was the mass murder of over 6 million Jewish people during World War Two led by Adolf Hitler.

Concentration camps- a camp where people are confined under harsh conditions without reasons that are acceptable under constitutional democracy.

World War Two- was a global war that lasted from 1935- 1945, was also the deadliest war in human history.

Bergen-Belsen- was a Nazi concentration camp located in what today's northwestern Germany is. About 70, 000 people died there.

Westerbork- was a Nazi detention and transit camp, in the northeastern Netherlands. Its job was to transport Roman and Dutch jews to other Nazi concentration camps.

Liberation- to free a country dominated by a foreign power, in this case, Hitler.

HIAS- Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

Four Perfect Pebbles

Four Perfect Pebbles by Lila Perl and Marion Blumenthal Lazan is about the Holocaust told from Marion's view and experience. Mairon Lazan was a child jew that grew up in concentration camps during World War Two. Some of these concentration camps included Bergen-Belsen, and Westerbork. Marion was born in Hoya, Holland and was transferred to many places until the liberation of the war in 1945. Marions father died, but her mother continued on with her goal of getting her kids to America. They took a ship to New Jersey where they stayed before HIAS had found them a home in Peoria, Illinois. Marion, her brother, and her mother all quickly got jobs. Marion and her brother also both went to english school to get a proper education. By pooling their earnings, the Blumenthals could move from shared quarters in Peoria to an apartment of their own. Marion went on to get married and have 3 kids, and her brother, Albert graduated college. Marion currently lives in New York and gives speeches about her experience.

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