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Happenings from February 2017

Forces of Nature

Third grade begin their research into eight different forces of nature. We are using the Guided Inquiry Method for their research. So far, they've completed the Open and Immerse Stages and some have done the Gather Stage. During the Gather Stage, students are using the PebbleGo and Britannica online databases along with trade books.

In March, the students will complete their research by creating a final product using apps on the iPads. Stay tuned for their awesome final products!

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Makerspace Club

The students showed their love for math during their club time this month. Using small triangles, they used rotation, reflection and translation to turn the little triangles into a big heart.

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2nd Grade Fairy/Folk Tale Battle

Second grade has kicked off their annual Fairy/Folk Tale Battle. They were given a list of 10 traditional fairy/folk tale titles along with 5 fractured fairy/folk tales to read and study. Prior to the kick off they had lessons in the library regarding the elements of both fairy and folk tales. In late April, the students will be given a qualifying quiz and in early May the classes will battle each other on those titles.

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1st Grade Battle of The Books

First grade also kicked off their annual Battle of the Books. They will battle over six different books based on the adorable character Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner. SkippyJon Jones is a Siamese cat who thinks he's a Chihuahua and has many adventures. They will take a qualifying quiz on the titles in late April and battle in early May.

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Teachers Never Stop Learning!

During a faculty meeting, our staff learned how to use Twitter to promote their classroom. They were shown the advantages of sharing the great things they do and learning from others via Twitter. Many of them already have set up accounts and are actively tweeting out.

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Spring Book Fair

Another Book Fair is in the books!

Many thanks go out to the PTA and volunteers for all of their hard work and help. There is no way it would be such a success with out them.

Book Fair profits go towards our new furniture, reading incentives and helps to pay for presenters in the library.

Our next Book Fair will be in the fall of the next school year.

Library Information

  • 804 total items checked out.
  • 19 instructional days.
  • Checkouts by grade level: PK-8, K-34, 1st-114, 2nd-269, 3rd-110, 4th-46, 5th-184, Staff & Parents-39.
  • 44 classes taught. Classes were taught on elements of fairy and folktales, research, Twitter and Battle of the Books kickoff.
  • 34 classes came in for check out only.
  • 290 walk-ins. See graph charts below for a breakdown.
  • 3 check outs on Overdrive.

Upcoming events-3rd grade research, Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grade research starts, 4th grade Writing Camp, Makerspace Club.

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