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What are the benefits that come from collaboration?

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EDFN 320: Collaboration 1

Collaboration develops communication skills...

You can't have communication without collaboration!

  • The most effective teams have different strengths and ideas
  • Students gain skills by taking on different group roles
EDFN 320: Collaboration 2

Collaboration creates a strong social support system...

Instead of having one leader, everyone's voice is heard!

  • Everyone works and everyone is accountable
  • Together, the group makes decisions and sets goals
  • When everyone knows what is going on, topics are easier to discuss
  • Collaboration builds skills for future success
EDFN 320: Collaboration 3

Collaboration addresses learning style differences of students...

Accommodating the different learning styles of students encourages creativity and influences cross-cultural skills.

  • Students actively explore their creativity
  • Shared learning helps students develop skills
  • Classroom environment is important to help students learn best

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." -Hellen Keller

By: Sarah, Osa, Courtney, and Alicia