The Giver Society

Utopia or Dystopia?

The Society

The society in which The Giver and Jonas live in is a society that is experiencing Sameness (Lowry, 84). The citizens have no color, hills, weather, choices, feelings, and music. It seems to be for their good, but they have no real life. Jonas and The Giver are forced to bear all the suffering and pain. They are the only really alive ones, because they are the only ones who feel emotions, see color, make choices, and know what hills and weather are.

Compared to America

In America, people have choices and freedoms. We have colors, feelings, weather, hills, and music. But there is death, stealing, hunger, pain, and suffering. We get to choose our jobs, our families, and how we live. We are alive. One person (or two people) are not forced to bear all the suffering. People have to earn things, and they actually know things

My personal opinion; Utopia or Dystopia?

Personally, I feel the society that Jonas and The Giver live in seems to be a Utopia, but is really a Dystopia. People get enough food, and seem to get a good education. But the Giver says multiple times that "They Know Nothing." They work and have families, but there is death and the people have nothing. They are mindless things that do what they are commanded. The people here do not care about one-another or themseves.

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