Title Tidbits

May 2022

What is Title 1 at GBRogers?

GBRogers Elementary provides a Schoolwide Title 1 program. Schoolwide programs provide services that enable all children in their buildings to meet high standards. As a Schoolwide Title 1 school, GBR receives federal funds to support the academic achievement of all learners.

Note: Title 1 and Special Education are not the same.

March Reading Challenge Prize Winners

Thank you for participating. Those who wrote about a book won a free game!
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Warren Claussen 4B, Gabby Erdmann 4B, CeCe Morgan 4B, Braylin Hanson 2C

Warren recommends Hatchet by Gary Paulsen because it has a lot of action and survival tips. Warren writes: In the beginning, Brian is getting on a fighter jet and when they are over Minnesota and Canada, the plane crashes into a lake. Brian has to make a shelter, start a fire and find food. In the end Brian remembers there is a survival pack in the plane. You should read this book to see what happens to Brian.

Gabby recommends Word After Word After Word by Patricia MacLachlan because you will learn a lot of things that people go through. Gabby writes: This book is about kids who are writing poems about their lives. There are many sad parts in the book for those people who like sad books.

CeCe recommends Otis Spofford by Beverly Cleary because it is really funny with all of the jokes. CeCe writes: Otis is a really naughty kid and when he gets in trouble it is really interesting punishment. At the end of the book he is really nice and he apologizes for what he did to the class and his teacher.

Braylin recommends Pup on the Run by Elle Stephens. Braylin writes: This book is about a character named Nikki. She has a festival and Honey spies on Nikki. Nikki ends up helping Barbie get out of the tree. I also liked the cake because it looked really good and want to try it.

Teacher Feature- What is Ms. Schoenefeld reading to her class?

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The Three Billy Goats Gruff involves three goats, small, medium, and large who need to cross a bridge to get to a meadow full of green grass. The only problem is there is a hungry troll that lives under the bridge who is known for eating whoever dares to cross. Will the goats make it to the meadow? Or will they be the main course of the troll's next meal? Read to find out! Age level is 5-8.