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September 9, 2018

The first weeks of school are behind us and we are headed into the mid-term of the first quarter. I enjoy getting past the early days and first few weeks of school. Everyone is finally settling in and classes are really beginning to move. Throughout the school there is energy and momentum.

As we move past the first couple weeks of school, let’s be intentional about moving past compliance and obedience and give students an opportunity to be actively engaged in their learning. Let’s involve students in the decision making process, work collaboratively with students to chart a course of action for the remainder of the semester, and build skills that students really need to achieve mastery.

If we think about the skills we need to build in our students to be successful after school, collaborative thinking, conversation, and reasoning are much more important than doing something because you are told. Sure there are rules, and we must all learn to follow them, but we need to stretch kids to do more and be more. Many jobs are no longer just following instructions or doing actions is a set way to achieve an end result. We are teaching 21st-century learners who need to be prepared to work collaboratively, think independently, try and fail and try it another way. The world is evolving. The world of work is evolving. We have to make sure in education we are matching this change. We cannot remain unchanged in our practices and think that we are preparing students for what lies ahead.

Going forward this year, take the time to build skills in students that will help them be successful in the world they will face after high school. Work collaboratively to solve discipline problems, work collaboratively to solve academic problems, help students struggle through failures and give them an opportunity to try again until they get it right. Work collaboratively, with each other and with our students, to help our students build the skills, attitudes, and stamina it will take for them to be successful in an ever-changing world.

It's kind of long, but worth a listen.

1st E-Learning Day 9/10

A reminder that Monday is a staff-wide in-service and a student e-Learning day. You can post e-Learning assignments to student whenever you are ready but must be posted by 10 a.m. tomorrow. Please work hard to create relevant assignments that complement and extend learning. Be conscious of the time required to complete assignments realizing that most students will have 6 or 7 classes to work on Monday. This is our chance to set a positive tone with students and parents of what successful e-Learning will look like this school year. Mr. Gaff indicated that you may hold "office hours" during the presentation tomorrow to answer student questions, etc.

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The CN Apparel Store is open until 9/15. Click on the link above and then click on the shirt style. Next add your logo from page 1 and glitter and names if you wish. The logos say sold but the shirts are not. If you need help, contact Mrs. Mault!

Food Truck Friday

The next food trucks come Friday, 9/14.

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9/10 - School Wide Inservice + eLearning Day

9/14 - Fork & Fiddle & Wicked Good Cupcakes Food Trucks

9/17-22 - Homecoming Week