Texas Christian University

Kelsey Livingston


GPA- no minimum

SAT- 1700

ACT- 27

Class Rank- top 13%

Education Degree Plans

1) Undergraduate

2) Post-Baccalaureate

3) Graduate

4) Professional

Bachelor of Science

How many credit hours does this degree plan consist of? 124 hours

What types of certification tests are necessary for this degree plan? Math Reasoning, Oral Communication, Written Communication, and Writing Emphasis.

Freshman Year

Religion, English, literature, English literature, LT, US survey to 1877, US survey since 1877, AM & TX government, lab science, arts for children, topics in math, and elementary statistics.

Sophomore Year

Calculus I, calculus II, basic speech communication, business and professional speaking, instructional communication, introductory composition, intermediate composition, intro composition, writing emphasis, child development, intro to early childhood, writing, world geography, teaching, and learning.

Junior Year

Mathematics II, families, management, internship, play and creativity, social studies, diverse learners, educational psychology, and study of exceptional learners.

Senior Year

Science, child development, children's literacy, science, mathematics I, assessment foundations, practice seminar, and English as second language.