Miss Yenter

By: Adelyn S.

Experience at Coleman Elementary School

Miss Yenter has been working at Coleman elementary School for one year. She likes that all the kids and staff have a lot of school spirit.

Life outside of School

Miss Yenter likes to spend her free time by reading and playing with her dog, Caddie. She would like to share about her family is that she has three sisters and that it was a little hard without any brothers.

A Little Extra Information

What Do You Want to Be Remembered For?

Miss Yenter would like to be remembered for changing someone's life.

Please Give Me a Piece of Advice for Your Students.

Miss Yenter said, "Be yourself and don't let your friends tell you who you should be."

Who influenced your life the most and how?

Miss Yenter said that her mother influenced her the most because, that she was hard working but also very caring.