Warren Extra-Curricular Activities

By: Vanessa K. Hollingsworth


Warren art lets you use your imagination. Art also gives you an opportunity to tell a story trough your art and challenges you to do your best. Not only does art let you be creative; it also lets you express yourself. On the other hand; art challenges you by having a hard time to perfect your art, and that can stress you out.

Girls and Boys Basketball

Warren basketball teaches you to push till the end. Basketball pushes your abilities to do your very best and makes for successful. To tell the truth, basketball is my favorite sport; it teaches you how to be a leader and how hard work pays off. However, the whole sport is running up and down the court Also, you might not get a coach you like. Overall, basketball is an great sport for you to try out for.


Warrior band teaches you that it all comes down to one moment. Band helps you with stage fright, be more social, and learn another skill. One really big thing does is: it helps you really feel the music. While, band is so fun it cost a lot of money and you have to practice ALOT.


Knowing Spanish gets you a better job. If you know Spanish and are looking for a job and your friend is going for the same job they are more likely to pick you because you know two languages. You also gain another skill, it's fun, and you get to speak a language not a lot of people know. On the other hand, taking Spanish can get hard and you basically have to do double the work, because you have to do it in English then in Spanish.


Warren track: makes you a leader, teaches you practice doesn't make perfect it makes you better, compotion can be fun, running makes you faster however, and you run a ton; you have to get up early just run like crazy.